Friday, January 20, 2017

Snow Melt, Rain and Frozen Soil

The recent Wisconsin weather has left a lot of water in the low lying areas of the course. At this point the only difference from a large summer storm is the frozen soil prevents any water from draining. This has allowed the water to pool more than normal. It's too early to predict what, if any, impact it will have in the spring. For now it has made for some interesting pictures.

3 Fairway to the green, it's worth noting the flag you see is in the fairway, not in the green

Between 3G and 4T's
Both front bunkers on 3 are submerged

There is enough water to form a small river from 3, across the front of 4 tee, towards the water on 6 and 7
6 Fairway
7 Fairway

Last but not least we finally got rid of the sand on 5 green. For now.

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