Wednesday, January 31, 2018

If you follow The Divot newsletter you are aware that work has already begun in preparation for the new pump station here at Blackhawk. The following videos will hopefully give an idea of the scope of the project, and I will provide a brief explanation after each one.

Disassembling all of the components went very well. Even though 99% of the bolts(hundreds, if not thousands) hadn't been touched since the system was installed they almost all came apart easily. There were a few stubborn ones but our impact wrench was able to break them all free. We used a combination of floor jacks and an engine hoist to secure pieces as we took them apart. Again, considering the age of the components this part of the process went extremely well. We were left with quite the mess once we were done.

We carried out the pieces we could but many of them were just too heavy or awkward to lift. The machine we used (a telehandler) was great because of how precise you could be with it. Many of the components we lifted out had less than an inch of clearance. Being able to lift the bobcat in and out was priceless. Without it the guys doing the concrete removal might still be down there now.

All of the old components

The concrete work went very well even though it was bitterly cold out. Thankfully we were able to get the inside of the pump house warm enough for the concrete to cure. We were also fortunate that there was no ice and just a dusting of snow because getting the concrete truck down to the pump house could have been treacherous.

Now that the interior is ready, there is only one major step left and we will be ready for the installation. Due to the size of the new system the hole in the roof will have to be enlarged and the roof properly braced. That should be done in the next week or two.After that we will have to wait patiently while the system continues to be built. We are still 6-10 weeks out from actually getting to use it but both Chad and I are getting excited for when that day comes.

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